We are changing the voice of communications

Our approach to the cloud is unique, our ideals of doing what is best for the customer is unequaled
and our ability to deliver a customized solution that will grow with you is simply how we do business.

At Aurelius, our goal is to become the partner you wish you had today.

Why our customers are joining the Republic

Managed Voice

Our voice solution is built on the best voice over IP platform in the world. ShoreTel Premise or ShoreTel Cloud, we manage it end to end.

Managed Infrastructure

Our team will design, implement, manage and support all aspects of your infrastructure: IT helpdesk, LAN/WAN, virtualization, cloud migration or disaster recovery, we can help.


Our network operations center utilizes predictive software to monitor your infrastructure around the clock. We have dubbed it SmartNOC as it's almost an artificial intelligence.


With a high level approach to support and an unwavering commitment to quality, your business will be in good hands with Aurelius.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does your product work with my ISP?

Our solution is cloud based, so it's bring your own bandwidth. We utilize your existing internet connection, regardless of which company you choose to deliver dial tone to you.

Can I keep my phone numbers?

Absolutely! We can port your existing phone numbers into our cloud platform, the migration from your existing system to our cloud is handled by us.

What if I have a PRI under contract?

In certain situations where a customer has an existing PRI that is still under contract, we can use our equipment at your location to connect you to our cloud using your local PRI at your office. Once your contract with your carrier expires we can then port your numbers into our cloud.

Do you offer bandwidth solutions?

No, we do not. However, we have resources that can help you find the fastest, cheapest internet service in your area.

Tired of dealing with companies that don't care how your telephones impact your business? At Aurelius, we take the uncertainty out of the equation with our customizable, redundant Unified Communications solution and our consultative business approach, we offer you the ability to always get your calls, where you want and when you want them.

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